Re: About the Order

2nd of Sep, 2015 by nba2
Re: About the Order
We would like to place an order for your product , which we saw in
your company website. Would you please prepare
quotation for this order, listed in the EXCEL SPREADSHEET. A valid email and
password will proceed you to the request product.

View Order reference:

Pls make quotation and indicate your bank details on a stamped and sign

Advise Product Description:
*Your delivery time
*Payment terms
*And your products warranty
*Minimum Order Quantity

Thank you and best regards.
Ing. Diego Estrada Danell
Especialista de Compras
Mexico Carbon Manufacturing, S.A de C.V.
Blvd. De los rios #9600, Puerto industrial CP 89603
Altamira Tamaulipas
Tel. +52 (833) 2652163 Ext.165
Fax +52 (833) 2662159
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