NHS Finance Loan Solution!!! - infonhs@financier.com

19th of Jan, 2014 by Admin
NHS Finance Loan Solution!!!
From: NHS Finance Credit Union <infonhs@financier.com>
Get a loan from R10, 000(Ten Thousand South Africa Rand) up to R10,
000, 000.00 (Ten Million South Africa Rand) whenever you need it at a
fixed interest rate of 2.9% for your peace of mind. Whether you need
money for unexpected expenses, a medical crisis, to further
children’s’ education, home renovations, car loan, business loan or
consolidate your accounts NHS Credit Union personal loan could be the
an ideal solution.

With NHS Finance Credit Union, you don't need to wait any longer for
the loan you need! Apply right now in 2 easy steps-starts by completing
the short applications form below and return by email. You'll have a
decision in maximum 24 working hours and a cash lump sum could be in
your account within just 48 hours!

Short Application Form:

1. Full Names: ...

2. Contact Address: ...

3. Contact Office Tel No: ...

4. Contact Cell No: ...

5. Contact Email: ...

6. Occupations: ...

7. Monthly Incomes: ...

8. ID Number: ...

9. Marital Status: ...

Yours in Services,

Juliette Parker (Mrs.),

NHS Finance Credit Union (Loan Manager Operations)

Contact No: +27743298362

Email : nhsfinance1@aol.com
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1939 days ago by Sakkie
Barend Lourens de Beer
18 Escombie street
(012)684 2305
Logistics Officer
I need a loan asap
1918 days ago by 0039450
Bonisile N Gabisile Zulu
21741 Kabelo Crescent, Bester Ext2
Chief Admin Official (finance)
i need a loan arguntly to consolidate my debt in order to buy a house
955 days ago by
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