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16th of Apr, 2018 by ownher
Great deal for buying safewow wow gold eu with 3x reward points
From: Australia
Right cheap wow gold So you think the argument is totally legitimate: "Haha, we tried to screw you up and succeeded, but all the blame goes to you because you failed to compensate for our sabotage well enough." That ignores so much reality that I'm just done trying to help you understand. Go look up what experts have written and said on the subject. The people responsible for the website did not have any creative solution you can think of available to them to avoid the effects of the GOP/Teatrolls' deliberate attempts to sabotage the website and overall ACA implementation. Assuming that "whatever it takes" could've been done is just silly talk. And if the argument is to become "well, clearly the ACA was broken from the get go then, because if it wasn't, then it would also have included measures to help fix deliberate attempts to break it" then it's all just devolved into circular logic.

When he was talking about how Americans are fed up with Washington DC, it would have been so cool for him to say something like "People are rightfully fed up with Washington and the tone and disfunction. I, as the President, must take some responsibility for that tone. I'm the President. It's my job to bring the parties together. These aren't easy times and we have different opinions but we are all Americans. As the leader of the country, I take some responsibility for the disfunction and I'm going to work to make sure this doesn't continue"

Instead, he tells us how it's Democrats and "some responsibile Repbulicans". He just can't stop. Always has to blame

The "Democrats and "some responsible Republicans" are the only ones interested in governing. Cruz is only interested in ideological purity tests and fundraising. Yet again, giving the GOP a pass, you just can't stop, can you?

No Tom, I don't think he is giving the GOP a pass, I have heard a few GOP (yes only a few) take responsibility and say it was a winless fight but does the president accept any responsibility or any Dem for that matter?? Of course not and never will if history is followed!! Bottom line, it is the president's JOB to LEAD and he is failing miserably at it! I would have MUCH MORE respect for him if he did exactly what Tom L suggested but instead he pushes blame to anyone but where it belongs, himself!!! I am no fan of Clinton but he was at least able to work together and bring the country together, all Obama has done is divide America!

Clinton never faced people who were so committed to an ideology they were willing to destroy the country. Most of the Young Turks who came in with Gingrich have now either left government, were primaried because they chose compromise over principle, or have been eclipsed by people who complain they lack priciples and passion. Gingrich also based his shutdown over discretionary spending, never the debt ceiling and never did he push teh country towards defaulting. Why give in to people who would tap dance in a mine filed because they disagree with settled law? It was the role of the legislature to present a clean CR, like what Boehner wanted to do originally, and get it done witout drama. The GOP did this to themselves and to the country, not the President. You lack of understanding on the shutdown and everything else is staggering, but sadly becoming more commonplace amongst the Right. Tom L has done nothing but shill for the Right endlessly, never admitting ANY error on the part of the GOP, and displaying a criminal lack of understanding of our history and our government. This was a gross overreach by the GOP, and they will pay for it spades in Novermber of next year regardless of whether they try this tactic again or not. All signs point to Cruz doing it again, so be prepared to see a 60 Democratic seats in teh Senate and a Democratic House.

Blah blah blah blah blah. EVERY president faces opposition. Every. Single One. Again, I am no fan of Bush but he had the leader of the senate call him a loser and a liar and he had the Pelosi call him a total failure. How is that any different than today? Don't splice and dice and rationalize. He faced criticism but did not blame dems. He said stupid divisive things like either you're with us or you're with the terrorists and claimed "mission accomplished" before the fact, but he didn't say that it was the dems fault for Iraq not going as well as he wanted to (even though he faced ENORMOUS opposition from the left). It appears that the only difference is that Obama and the liberals are so thin skinned that they can't handle it and then whine about it. There are several repubs who have said that this was not the right path to take. Several. Including some from the TEA Party. You just don't understand my point. My point is that a real leader takes responsibility, EVEN IF IT ISN'T HIS FAULT. In this case, he absolutely has some culpability in this but you are too too blinded now to recognize and we have a president that further hardens your stance. A leader takes responsibility. Tell me once when Obama has taken any responsibility for the shutdown (even if he didn't cause it). You take responsibility and you gain respect from the other side. You don't and it only hardens the stance of those for you and those against you. Thus, we are more divided than ever. Period.

October 18, 2013 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm

"The traffic problems should have been caught with proper testihg, which was obviously not performed, or executed very poorly. I would compare this to building a bridge across a river"

If you want to compare it to something truly analogous, look at the billion dollar properties like World of Warcraft and FFXIV Online or Diablo 3. All of them were created by some of the most sophisticated software, gaming and web technology developers on the planet. Millions of lines of code. Enormous databases. Hopes, dreams and analyst projections of millions of users creating accounts and being online concurrently. Multi million user website/server launches ALWAYS have traffic and server issues, no matter how sophisticated the programmers or how well they planned, and those kinds of examples prove it.
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