[FC2, Inc.] Are you using FC2 Video and Reserced Posting? - fc2@fc2.cc

23rd of Dec, 2010 by Admin
[FC2, Inc.] Are you using FC2 Video and Reserced Posting?
From: FC2 Information <fc2@fc2.cc>
Dear FC2 User,

Thank you for using our services. Here is the latest information of the FC2 services!

[ Contents ]
1. Are you using FC2 Video?
2. Do you know this function? Reserved Posting (Timer Posting)
3. FAQ [I don't know how to delete BBS's entries.]

**** 1. Are you using FC2 Video? ****

FC2 Video is a video distribution service. With FC2 Video, you can show your own video on your blog/homepage.
You can also introduce other users' videos in the FC2 videos on your blog entry page.

- Viewing, searching, posting are FREE!
- Set up a video player and replay videos on your blog and homepage. You can paste other users' videos as well as your own contents. (See the blog manual http://fc2.in/9ELM1S )
- Send comments to videos you have watched or vote them to evaluate!

To register for FC2 Video, log in to FC2(http://fc2.com/)
and go to the user management page.
Then go to > [Add a service] > Find 'FC2 Video' >

A video player is also available in FC2 Blog or FC2 Website.
For more details, click on http://video.fc2.com/


**** 2. Do you know this function? - Reserved Posting (Timer Posting)****

You can post or finish showing your entry at the appointed date and time. This helps you a lot when you are busy and cannot take care of your blog. If you choose 'reserved posting', your entry will be saved as private first and shown at the reserved date and time. If you choose 'limited showing', your entry will be shown right away and automatically changed to a draft (not shown) at the reserved date and time.

Please click on this URL for more details


**** 3.FAQ ****

Let us introduce an FAQ on our services.

Q. I don't know how to delete BBS's entries.

A. [When a BBS's administrator deletes entries]
Go to the BBS user management page. Click on [Log Management] in the left. And click on the trash box mark of the topic you wish to delete. Then the topic will be deleted.

When deleting a comment: After you click on a title of topic, you go to the page which shows all the comment within the topic. Then click on the trash box mark of the comment. The comment will be deleted.
[When a BBS's non-administrator deletes entries]
If a edit/delete passoword is set when an entry is posted, the submitter can edit or delete the entry after posting.
After deleting the entry, the topic's text will be replaced to "It has been deleted by the submitter."

Please click on this URL for more details.

FC2 will continually strive to create a comfortable web environment for users and do its best to meet users' needs.

*If you paste the Hush Tag #fc2rqst, FC2 may take some actions!

*Please contact the FC2 Support for inquiries.

FC2, Inc. http://fc2.com/
Privacy Policy http://fc2.com/en/privacy.html

* This e-mail is sent to all FC2 users.
* If you wish to stop receiving this e-mail, please go to https://secure.id.fc2.com/inquiry/?m=opt_outmail
* The sender: FC2, Inc. 101 Convention Center Dr.Suite 700 LasVegas, NV 89109
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