Customer Order Confirmation -

18th of Mar, 2012 by Admin
Customer Order Confirmation
From: "Rt Hon George Osborne MP"<>
From Rt Hon George Osborne MP
Return-Path: <>
Received: from, Brazil Comite Gestor Da Internet No Brasil
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From: "Rt Hon George Osborne MP"<>
Subject: Customer Order Confirmation
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012
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HM Treasury's Correspondence and Enquiry Unit
From The Office of Rt Hon George Osborne MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Horse Guards Road
London SW1A 2HQ
Tel:+44 (0) 700 580 0054

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

File Code No: HM/IMF/7890/121

This message is to notify you on a private note based on your claim to your contract fund which has been programmed for transfer into your designated bank account through my department for approval.

I am hereby apologizing to you for the delay in releasing this fund into your account, which was caused by me because of breach of agreement between me and your so-called foreign partners (International Government Financial Audictors working with the European Union & United Nations) who introduced you into the business.

Your partners approached the HM Treasury and contacted me on a private business stating that they presented you as a beneficiary of this fund as it was an OVER-INVOICING made when they are awarding contract to foreign firms and that they needed my assistance in crediting the funds to your account. So after the negotiation, we unanimously agreed that they (your partners) would give me the sum of US$250,000.00 (CASH) as an appreciation for my assistance in transferring the fund into your account.

When I accepted the offer, they forwarded all your banking particulars to me for onward transfer. As soon as I made some fruitful effort in moving the funds into the Treasury Department Account and demanded my US$250,000.00 as agreed, your partners deviated from the agreement, decided to go through the entire HM Treasury Board at my back and made an official letter for acknowledgment of request for onward payment in general to a different unsolicited account provided to the HM Treasury Board for a legal approval in order to disappoint me without knowing that the International Remittance Department is also under my control, I got the knowledge of their evil plans and proved their illicit efforts abortive. That is why for sometimes you have been pursuing this payment, paying unnecessary money to some fraudulent Bank officials in and outside United Kingdom who claimed to be in charge of releasing your fund.

I want to re-emphasis that your funds approve order are still with me and under my control. Now with my whole heart, I want to enter into real business with you on a sincere agreement since your partners have disappointed me and the fund is still floating on your name waiting for a proper documentation of claim implementation. They have really turned you around the globe with their fellow partners advancing in other countries just to continue their illicit business in finding an alternative means of getting an international approval of your fund payment from foreign government agencies to compel me in releasing your funds without meeting our agreement. But I want you to note below;

1. On an agreement, I assure you that I am going to transfer this fund into your account.

2. You will assure me of keeping my dealings with you to an utmost secrecy because of my position.

3. You will promise to give me 20% of the total fund as soon as the fund gets into your account with a written promissory note signed by you, with a copy of your identification and your address.

4. I will assist you in making a proper document to make your claim genuine as a bonafide foreign contractor and the beneficiary to the said fund without going through any problem of any kind.

I am aware that some International Government Officials are still confusing you on the truth of this case and trying anyway they could to compel me to pay you. I advised you that henceforth, you should suspend any dealings from any group of person(s) or parastatals in Europe or overseas that may be contacting you on this purpose and endeavour to keep this information confidential until we finalize this transaction. Also, on no account should you contact those partners again, this is for my own safety and for the security of your fund because they will not stop at any length in securing this fund. And on no account must you let them know of my contact with you. Please reply to this message urgently and call me on my confidential Tel: 0044-700 580 0054 and make sure to send an e-mail: []

Waiting for your favourable response if you need my assistance.
Thanks and God bless you.

Chancellor of the Exchequer
Rt Hon George Osborne MP (Conservative)
HM Treasury Chancellor's Private Office.

Disclaimer: The information in this email and in any files transmitted with it, is intended only for the addressee and contains confidential and/or privileged material. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorized. If you receive this in error, please contact the sender immediately and delete the material from your computer. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on it, is strictly prohibited.
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Look around and see what unbridled democracy has inflicted upon us, directly or indirectly. Owing to inadequate surveillance, rotten minds have felt emboldened from time to time to perpetrate terrible acts on Mumbai.
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Senior bureaucrats in the UPA government were as sceptical about 1950 as Gen Singhs year of birth. On January 25, 2008, Bimal Julka, then posted as a joint secretary in the defence ministry and in charge of all matters related to the army wrote that "it may be recalled that the discrepancy in the date of birth of the officer was pointed out to the MS Branch at the time of his posting /promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General in March 2006. It is therefore requested that a detailed inquiry may be conducted into the matter in consultation with the AGs Branch". A copy of this letter is available with DNA.
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Our Milky Way galaxy is a typical large spiral galaxy which means new stars are born (roughly a few sun-like stars per year) only in its gas-rich spiralarms. But IC3418 is a small irregular galaxy, neither a spiral nor an elliptical galaxy. This galaxy falls under the Virgo cluster of galaxies consisting of overa thousand galaxies and filled with million degree Celsius hot plasma and dark matter. When galaxy IC318 moves at a very high speed of thousands of kilometres per second, it leaves a gaseous trail behind it. (like leaves get detached from the branches in a strong wind).No such phenomenon is observed in the Milky Way where stars are formed in groups, in extreme cold, sub zero, molecular gas clouds. On the contrary, the puzzling new blue supergiant star, we found, was born in this extreme windy and hot environment surrounding the trail, that is puzzling. This suggests a possible new type of star formation and a research area that is still evolving.
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However, this record took a hit in 2012. The success ratio dipped to 88%, which means that there is no sign of 12% of the children that went missing last year. 2013 is even worse. Police are yet to track 37% (191) of 504 children that have gone missing till March. In simpler words, one in three children is missing.
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Dont ask me where we were. We had just spent a few days each exploring, , Prague and Ostrava, Czech Republic. Madrid was an interlude. We didnt research restaurants or museums. We emerged from the Metro in the city center at a station called "Sol" and started following our noses. We never went indoors except to eat or sleep. We just walked and walked with our heads usually tilted up at a slight angle, drinking in the architecture. Balconies with a brilliant sun raking gilded balustrades framed narrow streets. At eye level, a Fernando Botero sculpture of a cartoonishly large and voluptuous nude woman stretched out on her stomach and peering into a diminutive round hand-held mirror demanded attention.
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Punjab celebrates Baisakhi as the New Year. And according to the Nanakshahi, the year starts on March 21. Thus two more New Year days.
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"We have already gathered vital clues in the case. We are confident we will crack the case soon, " state home minister P Sabita Indra Reddy said after a high-level review meeting chaired by chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy.
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Copyright NBC Owned Television StationsThe Texas parole board has rejected a clemency request from a convicted killer set to die this week for a robbery and shooting spree that left five people dead at a Dallas-area car wash 12 years ago.
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These type bets contributed heavily to plunging markets in 2008. Accounting manipulation conceals their severity. The worst is yet to come out.
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Ambassador IP Khosla, who has served in Afghanistan and has been writing extensively on Indias external interests and security issues, said the forces in Afghanistan that are strong todayin other words, the Talibanwould get stronger and stronger. The Taliban are now interested on the Americans leaving Afghanistan.
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(Additional reporting by Ben Blanchard in Shanghai and Yu Le, Lucy Hornby and Benjamin Kang Lim in Beijing, and Augustine Anthony in Islamabad; Editing by Nick Macfie and Jeremy Laurence)China's new leader: harbinger of reform or another conservative?
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Two, the government must impose a windfall tax on companies who have made money. Three, the government can cancel all the licences, take back the spectrum, and sell it at market rates and recover the entire value that was lost.
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From these trips of profitable self-discovery, it is but a small step to the exciting new business opportunities on the financial pages of newspapers, which announce that water shortages the world over will bring vast fortunes for forward-thinking investors. Usually a picture of a child at a dry well accompanies these exciting tips.
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Buckingham Palace reminds us, with a camp and dismissive waft of its hand, the third in line to the throne does not require a surname. He isn’t a person yousee, he is an heir.
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"We have had to work hard with that. It hasn't happened overnight. It's been a process since we got here in the autumn. The guys are starting to buy into the system and it's paying dividends.
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It stems back several years ago over the Standard's refusal to credit any of the glossy society mag's stories whenever they appeared in the paper.
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She said: "That's never good. I actually prefer not to see it."
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'Peg hunkered down into her parka and listened to the sound of the sea, carried inland by the wind. The delay, the cold, the sodium-yellow light and bitter, metallic tang of the railway station could have pulled her spirits down, but excitement at the prospect of seeing Loz buoyed her.'Their child, the parents explained in an advert on an online private tutoring firm, was academically gifted, worked really hard at school, and showed “great imaginative play”. However, the boy was “much more reluctant to work at home”, his parents complained. “When pressed he can become awkward and use a range of diversionary tactics to avoid an unwanted task.” They added: “The causes of this are not obvious at this stage.”
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